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Fran Connor's Published Books

Fran Connor - Novelist, Screenwriter, Playwright

Fran Connor is British and lives in SW France with his wonderful wife Viv, their dog Molly and chickens. He claims he's living in that area for the lifestyle and weather which he says helps an author's creative juices. It may just be an excuse to drink wine and lounge in the sun. He writes novels, nine published so far with two more coming out soon.

In addition to novels, he also writes screenplays.

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       He gets more than he bargained for when Maria offers to be his interpreter.

Harry visits Havana to buy rum and cigars for his company. He isn't the brightest star in the sky and his courage has always managed to stay well hidden. Mysterious Maria offers to act as an interpreter with a hint that there may be more on offer than an exchange of words. Harry's brain functions lower down than his head.
Big mistake Harry! Soon he's running for his life. The secret police have framed him. Cuban and Miami gangsters want to kill him. And the beautiful Maria? Well, he has no idea if she is on his side, with the police or with the gangsters.
If he's going to get out of this alive he must dig deep to find his courage and figure out whether Maria wants to share his bed or arrange his funeral.

He thought it was benign. It isn't. It's evil and now he's in its grip.
A strange mist appears in a WW1 trench to a soldier facing imminent death and offers to save him. Of course, he accepts, he doesn't want to die and he's desperate to get back to his lover.
He learns that the price for his life is servitude to the entity's evil plans with his lover's life forfeit if he disobeys. Faced with a choice of carrying out evil acts for the mist or refusing and letting his girl die he tries to outwit it. 
The battle of wits lasts for years and takes its physical toll on him. The mental toll on his conscience risks pushing him into insanity. 
This gripping supernatural drama will have you on the edge of your seat. Buy it now or obtain it through 

When serendipity elevates a poor orphan to High The society she finds love but also eviler than she encountered in the gutter. This sweeping tale unfolds in a time when the external mores of society drew a blanket over the depraved underbelly.
Queen Victoria is saved from assassination by her young namesake on the run from an evil gang who seek to sell her to brothels in Australia. As a reward, the Queen sends her to a kind aristocratic lady who teaches her how to conduct herself in High Society.
The years pass and she grows into a fine young lady accepted by the upper echelons. She meets a wealthy young landowner and they soon realize that they have the perfect match. Love never runs smoothly. He has a wife and an evil father out to ruin him. The people traders have found their escaped quarry and want their revenge.

Click on the link to download the novel either to buy or read with Kindle Unlimited and discover what becomes of Victoria in this exciting romantic adventure.

The fisherman who pulls Sophia out of the harbor has a secret and she's dying to know it but hopefully not literally.

Sophia decides to take a vacation in the South of France to get away from troubles back home from her ex and work. 
As she strolls along the quayside she trips over a discarded rope and head over heels falls into the dock. About to be turned into mincemeat by the propeller of a trawler she's saved by a fisherman.
Partly as a thank you gesture, but mostly because he's the coolest and best-looking guy she has ever met, she takes him out to dinner where she becomes intrigued with this man who seems to be only masquerading as a poor fisherman. Who is he? And what is the secret he's hiding? She wants to know.
As a romance develops she's drawn into his world so different from her own.
Click on the to buy button or Kindle Unlimited to discover what happens to Sophia in this romantic mystery that will take you through the beautiful Camargue and the pretty villages of Provence.

After a successful career in public service in the UK I moved to SW France where I turned my talents to writing. The area has an abundance of orchards and vineyards among rolling hills, near-deserted roads, and ancient villages that ooze history and cry out for their pasts to be explored. It is the perfect location for an author to let the stories creep into the subconscious like a painter welcomes the light.

I helped establish a French/English acting group ‘La Troupe d’Acteurs du Quercy’ in 2002, and it continues to grow with new people bringing their many talents to keep the team fresh and innovative.
My oeuvre includes novels, short stories, stage plays, and screenplays. Please browse this site to see my range.
For the right project, I am also available to ghostwrite or write for hire. ‘Right’ in this case means one that appeals to me. I don’t write anything unless the idea inspires me

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Fran Connor is a published novelist, screenwriter, and playwright. Novels are available on Amazon now. Please contact me directly to discuss interest in screenplays and plays.
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